Developed by Mindray, a Compact AED for Schools

There has been a large increase in cardiac arrests on college campuses recently due to academic pressure, health problems, and other factors. Soon, the university’s first emergency station will be constructed. As a well-known producer of AEDs for schools, Mindray develops AEDs with cutting-edge intelligence and specific usage instructions, contributing its technical know-how to boosting the efficiency of emergency services.

A portable emergency device known as an AED is used to diagnose particular arrhythmias, provide electric shock defibrillation, and resuscitate individuals who have collapsed due to cardiac arrest. AEDs are smart, transportable, and simple for those who are not professionals and have no training.

Where is an AED used, and how does it work?

Most heart attack patients who experience cardiac arrest outside of a hospital are treated with AEDs. The vast majority of people are affected by early ventricular fibrillation.

In addition to electrical defibrillation for rapid patient resuscitation, an AED reduces harm to the brain and other neurological structures while providing life-saving treatment.

During cardiac arrest scenarios, the patient’s heart frequently displays strange fluttering or ventricular fibrillation, a medical disorder. When we examine the patient’s ECG, we see a haphazard line rather than a typical periodic curve.

By analyzing the ECG curve, the AEDs made by Mindray help determine whether the patient has suffered a cardiac arrest and needs immediate defibrillation..

Why a portable, intelligent Mindray AED is necessity?

When a patient has a cardiac arrest, defibrillation equipment is frequently the only thing that can save lives. Let’s assume that we have a smart AED device for first aid and that we operate it following the recommended operating procedures. The AED will automatically complete the diagnosis and shock stages to save the patient who is having a cardiac arrest in that case. However, the process can be completed without operating guidelines or medical knowledge.

As long as the operating instructions are followed, first aid can be administered without any issues, considerably improving the safety of patients with cardiovascular illnesses. The state-of-the-art technology that Mindray puts into its line of AEDs for schools enables all of this.

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