How to Maintain Inventory Control at a Clothing Store

Inventory control is one of the most crucial elements in success for those in the retail clothing sector. This can be changed using a handheld RFID reader.

Issues confronting the clothing industry

Inventory management involves monitoring, regulating, and preserving a desirable inventory level. In the past, these procedures were done manually, with the data being tracked on paper spreadsheets. Modern inventory management software and mobile devices allow the following items like clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and other items  to be checked and traced.

Real-time inventory automation enables business owners to respond quickly to changes in consumer demand and fashion trends. On the other hand, improper inventory management could result in the company’s demise.

Recommendations for UROVO products (DT50U)

Once linked with our UMS, the UROVO  DT50U will be an essential tool for your business. The expert code scanning module from our ground-breaking handheld DT50U RFID scanner is included. The apparatus can read standard one-dimensional, two-dimensional, defaced, out-of-date, worn-out, and unusual codes. The handheld reader also incorporates RFID technology, enabling it to scan for multiple items up to 20 meters away.

The DT50U mobile computer from UROVO  is a highly reliable PDA  for retail operators. The device’s millisecond-level scanning responsiveness makes it suitable for various tasks, including managing warehouses and wholesale clothing. Thanks to a setup that consumes little power, the ergonomic handle can sustain workers for  12 hours of uninterrupted scanning.

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