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Introducing the Focuhunter 3X30 Compact Prism Sight: Elevating Precision for Hunting Enthusiasts

In the world of hunting, precision and clarity are paramount. That’s why the Focuhunter 3X30 Compact Prism Sight stands out as the ultimate companion for spotting scopes for hunting, offering unrivaled accuracy and performance. Engineered with hunters in mind, this compact prism sight boasts a fixed 3x magnification and a 30mm objective lens, making it the ideal choice for swiftly approaching mid-range targets up to 300 yards.

Compact Design, Exceptional Performance

Unlike traditional spotting scopes, the Focuhunter 3X30 utilizes a glass prism optical system, delivering superior optical quality in a compact form factor. With crystal-clear optics providing a comfortable viewing distance of 3.0 to 3.5 inches, hunters can enjoy unparalleled clarity and precision in the field.

Sharper Optics, Better Results

Experience the difference with the Focuhunter 3X30’s extra sharp prism optics, which provide a sharp and bright image that standard optics simply can’t match. With wide eye relief, hunters can maintain target focus with both eyes open, perfect for fast target acquisition or individuals who struggle with traditional scopes.

Enhanced Visibility in Any Environment

Equipped with an illuminated reticle that can be displayed in red or green across multiple brightness levels, the Focuhunter 3X30 ensures optimal reticle visibility in any lighting condition. The etched black reticle remains visible even without illumination, ensuring hunters never lose sight of their target. Plus, the Full Multi-Layer lens coating reduces chromatic aberrations, keeping the image sharp and focused.


In conclusion, the Focuhunter 3X30 Compact Prism Sight redefines precision hunting with its innovative design for spotting scopes for hunting and advanced optics technology. Whether you’re tracking elusive game or surveying the terrain for the perfect shot, this compact prism sight offers unmatched performance and reliability. Trust Focuhunter to elevate your hunting experience to new heights.

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