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Why Mass Timber Construction is a Good Idea for Your Next Project

Are you imagining log cabins or clapboard houses when you hear the word “timber construction”? Think again. With mass timber construction methods, timber construction has advanced a lot. These construction methods are cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

What’s Mass Timber Construction?

Large-format structural panels are created using the most recent technology and engineering. The form and type of laminate used to join the wood fibres can be altered to produce a variety of panels. Types of panels include cross laminted timber, NLT (nail-laminated timber), GLT [glue laminated lumber], LSL (lateral Strand Laminate), DLT (“dowel laminated Timber”), MPP (mass plywood) and LVL (“lateral strand laminate”). Heavy timber is post and beam construction that uses soild sawn timber, LVL or LSL. Although it is often called mass timber, some timber nerds still prefer to keep the contrast. These engineered-wooden products can be manufactured in a shop before being shipped to site.

Mass timber solutions are increasingly being used to build buildings higher than six stories. British Columbia leads the way in mass timber solutions. The Tall Wood Initiative has raised the height limit for wood buildings from six to twelve storeys.

The Benefits of Mass Timber Construction

Many benefits can be derived from mass timber solutions.

Wood used in this product is derived from sustainable forest methods. This makes it a renewable resource.

Wood is lighter than concrete or steel, and can be used to reduce the size of foundations.

Mass timber buildings are strong and resilient to earthquakes and high winds due to their inherent flexibility and innovative structural designs.

Contrary to steel, which can quickly be structurally compromised by high heat exposure, timber during a fire mass maintains structural integrity longer by creating a “char layer” that protects the wood’s internal structure. It is a smart choice. .

Because many components are made off-site, installation can be completed in a shorter time than traditional methods.

Our Products and Services

F3 Timber Technologies offers tools, services, and solutions that will help you bring your next mass timber construction project into reality. We have the experience and knowledge to help you manage your mass timber projects from conception through completion. The CRUX Bracket Bracing System was designed to handle temporary bracing problems, from simple to complicated. The CRUX bracket can also be used to lift columns. It has the ability to tie bracing to the bracket before it is released from the hook. Our BRGN plate lifting system was designed to be fast, versatile, and practical. Proper guidelines can be used to achieve cycle times of 6 minutes or less. These plates can be used to hoist flat and framed panels, as well tilting tilting wall panel panels. These plates can be stored flat and pre-mounted to panels without any dunnage. Our Glued Rod Impbeds allow for faster and more accurate installation of glued-in rods. They also have a better structural performance. They are currently being tested to determine engineered values.

F3 Timber Technologies’ Advantage

Mass timber construction is growing in popularity. There are many new players on the timber construction scene. However, F3 Timber Technologies has been in the business for 16 years. F3 Timber Technologies has been a key contributor to the growth of mass timber construction in Canada. We also provided mass timber solutions back when North American timber construction was just beginning. Our ethos since the beginning has been to create beautiful buildings that are cost-effective and elegant. Our expertise has been refined over the years so that you can enjoy the most recent designs and innovative mass timber solutions.

F3 Timber Technologies played an important part in many cutting-edge projects. We provided hardware for the BRGN Plate lifting system at the UBC Baseball Rose Indoor Training Centre and UBC Brock Commons. We supplied the CRUX temporary bracing system, BRGN Plate lifting hardware for Google MT1 office in Sunnyvale, as well as GRIs for base column connection for Malahat Skywalk.

F3 Timber Technologies is here to help you if mass timber solutions are something you’re considering for your next project. Contact us today.

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