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Advanced Wound Care Dressing: Winner Medical’s Innovative Solution

Are you looking for an advanced wound care dressing that can effectively manage moderate exuding wounds? Look no further than the foam dressing with border from Winner Medical. Their foam dressing with border offers several benefits that set it apart from other dressings on the market.

Easy to Apply and Comfortable

One of the most significant advantages of our foam dressing with border is its ease of application. Unlike traditional dressings that can be difficult to apply and may cause discomfort, our dressing is designed to be gentle and comfortable. The foam material is soft and flexible, making it easy to shape to the contours of the wound. Additionally, the border of the dressing is made of a sensitive acrylic adhesive that ensures the dressing remains in place, reducing the risk of shifting or coming loose during the healing process.

Effective Wound Care

Our foam dressing with border is not only comfortable but also highly effective at promoting wound healing. The dressing is designed to provide a moist environment that encourages the growth of new tissue, while the breathable membrane film allows for airflow and helps to prevent bedsores. Additionally, the foam material is antimicrobial, which helps to prevent infection and promote healing.

Indications for Use

Our foam dressing with border is suitable for a variety of wounds, including mild to moderate exuding wounds, such as leg and foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, and traumatic wounds. It can also be used for second-degree burns, donor sites, postoperative wounds, and skin abrasions.


If you are looking for an advanced wound care dressing that is both comfortable and effective, look no further than Winner Medical’s foam dressing with border. Our dressing offers a range of benefits that make it an excellent choice for patients with various types of wounds. With its easy application, breathability, and antimicrobial properties, our foam dressing with border is an excellent option for promoting wound healing and reducing the risk of complications.

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