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Drone Flight Schools in Canada Can Help You Get Your Drone License

Canada is filled with beautiful places. It is tempting to capture Canada’s natural beauty from the sky. Drone flying can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. You can fly your drone legally and safely if you pass the required examinations. Learn more about which drone licenses are right for you and how to get them.

Do you need a pilot’s licence to fly drones in Canada

The Canadian Government defines drones as Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems. You may see them called Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, depending on where they are located in your local bylaws. Drones are considered aerial vehicles and require a pilot license in order to operate them under the Canadian Aviation Regulations.

A drone weighing less than 250g at takeoff (including any equipment such as ND filters), does not require a Canadian pilot license.

What does the Basic Pilot Certificate and Advanced Pilot Certificate cover?

You can fly drones over 250g for recreational purposes in Canada with a Basic Pilot Certificate. You can fly your drone with this drone license:

You must be at least 100 feet (or 30 meters) from anyone else. i.e., you can’t fly your drone above people.

Airports are at least 5km away

Uncontrolled airspaces

Simply put, a basic pilots licence allows you to fly your drone in areas that are not populated.

If you plan to use your drone professionally, or for recreational purposes in densely populated areas, the Advanced Pilot certificate will be the right certification. If you are planning to:

Fly your drone near people or horizontally above them (e.g. at a festival).

Fly your drone within 5 km of an airport.

Fly your drone within a controlled area.

Get the basic pilot’s certification:

To obtain a basic pilot certificate, you must pass the Transport Canada Basic Pilot CertificateOnline Exam. This is an online written exam conducted by Transport Canada. You have 90 minutes to complete the exam. The 35-question test takes approximately 45 minutes. To be eligible for your license, you must score at least 65%.

Coastal Drones Basic Online Bundle will help you prepare for the exam by transporting to a virtual ground school that provides a thorough overview of what it takes to become a drone pilot. The exam prep course allows you to take mock exams until you feel comfortable enough to pass Transport Canada.

To make your life easier as a pilot, you will also receive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

How to obtain your advanced pilot certificate:

Advanced drone licenses require more knowledge and effort than basic pilot licenses. The test is difficult, many people agree. It is a smart idea to sign up for a drone flight school that can guide you through the whole process. You must complete the online exam in one hour. It consists of 50 multiple-choice questions. To pass the exam, you must score at least 80%. To obtain your advanced drone license in Canada, you will need to pass an in person flight review test.

The Coastal Drone Advanced Pilot Bundle will prepare you for the Advanced Certification Examination. It includes all the necessary ground school information, mock examinations and a SOP guide. You also have materials to prepare you for your in-person review to earn your Advanced Drone Pilot Certification. Coastal Drone also has a network that includes flight reviewers and testing locations across Canada, so your review can be completed quickly and easily.

You now know how drone flight schools can help get you a Canadian drone license. Contact Coastal Drone Co. to book your course today.

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