How to Successfully Handle Crowdfunding Fulfillment?

In essence, crowdfunding fulfillment involves running a crowdfunding campaign, from storing your backer incentives in warehouses controlled by your fulfillment partner to delivering your products to your consumers’ doorsteps. Your crowdfunding fulfillment partner offers you a few shipping alternatives, couriers, and rates to successfully and efficiently deliver your goods internationally, regardless of where these backers may be located. The crowdfunding fulfillment service provided by Yun Fulfillment Warehouse makes the process quick and straightforward. With Yun Fulfillment Warehouse, you can start producing results right away.


Negotiating with your producers to use lightweight materials to make the products is crucial. The skill of packaging may not only efficiently conserve space, lowering transportation costs, but also wholly safeguard the item. You can cut your operational expenses significantly with elaborate packaging.

Calculation of shipping locations

Shipping can become challenging if your backers are spread throughout the globe. Shipping costs are heavily influenced by the type of goods being transported, their weight and size, whether or not it contains batteries or liquids, the countries you wish to ship them to, and the shipping method you decide to use. Delivery times vary by region. Please calculate the shipping costs and delivery time necessary to ensure that all supporters receive their prizes simultaneously by researching similar projects to determine the regional distribution of the backers.

The selection of an appropriate fulfillment partner

Delivering to thousands of backers abroad requires a logistics partner with global infrastructure and experience. Working with logistics management businesses could save you time because they could take care of your shipping, packaging, and storage. Most fulfillment companies need more specific dashboard tools for managing crowdfunding fulfillment. For handling your crowdfunding fulfillment, Yun Fulfillment Warehouse provides features specifically designed for you. We want to relieve you of all responsibility for finding out how to deliver your goods to your backers. Ensure we have all your order details and tell us where to pick up your interests, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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