Instructions on how to bet and redeem detailed rewards for gamers

Since the time of our ancestors, card game has been one of the games loved by many people because of its simplicity but extremely attractive and interesting. So what is playing sure? and how to play bet to win prizes? If you are interested, let’s join Niw88 Please find out the details in the article shared below.

What is block play?

Playing for rewards is an ancient folk game that uses a deck of 120 cards. In which the cards are divided into different types in order such as: Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven. , Eight, Nine, Chi Chi.

Especially for the card game, we can remember the characters through the folk saying “ten thousand square, cross text, messy book”. In fact, although this is just a humorous saying of the ancients of our ancestors, it has great value and helps you remember the blocking cards very quickly.

Instructions on how to play Chan to win prizes for everyone.

When participating in playing cards, you need to know how many players are enough and how to play cards to win? We will guide you how to play block.

How many players are needed to win prizes?.

As I said above, waybet to exchange prizes There are currently 2 main versions: for 4 people or 5 people to play. Depending on everyone’s needs and goals, we will choose the appropriate number of players. However, when there are 4 people participating in the card game, that is a fairly common and most reasonable number today. Thereby, each player will be dealt 19 cards, the remaining number will be placed in the middle and called Nocturnal.

How to play Chan to win prizes and deal cards?

In blocking play, we will have the following way of dealing cards: 2 people deal (that is, if 2 people lost the previous game if playing with 3 people, or when there are 2 people who do not overlap with the first person in the previous game if play includes 4 people). Each person takes about half a long set, divides it evenly, face down into 5 parts (2 people divide into 10 parts), the remaining cards are given to the winner of the previous game to choose the Venom.

To determine who gets which hand and which of us will be the first to block, we will need to make a pick. For example, when there are 4 players, such as A, B, C, D, they will count from left to right so that B and D sit diagonally across each other. When B picks up seven thousand pieces, then counting from B is 1, C will be 2, guys,… and definitely in the end, D will be 7 (ventilation).

So D will get the card, and the remaining parts will be divided among each person in turn. Then the part on the right side will be given to person A, the next part will be given to person B and finally the remaining part on the left will be given to person C.
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Instructions on how to play Chan to win prizes

In the way of playing sure, there will be cards dealt, cards drawn, whether to play or not to play, specifically as follows:

  • Dealing cards: Each player will be dealt 19 cards, the rest is Venom
  • Pick: We choose the player to play first.

After the cards are dealt, we choose 1 card in Nocturn and then turn over any card, then whichever house is lucky will take that part of the card and will be played first. The remaining players’ houses choose their cards in rotating order from the first player’s house.

  •  People eat or not eat:
  • If we take a card to form Chan or Jack, we must lower Chan or Jack to the mat, then place your card on top of the card we just captured.
  • If you do not take a card, you must pick 1 card from Noc and we will give it to other players if you still do not take that card.
  • Conditions: 19 cards of one of our players match 1 card under the mat to form Chan or Jack, then there are no odd cards left and the player’s hand must have at least 6 Chans.
  • Lowering cards: We separate Chan – Ca when lowering cards, we need to shout correctly, everyone.

So everyone now has a basic understanding of how to play Chan to win prizes, right? Quite simple and easy to understand through this article.

Common errors in playing Chan to win prizes

In the current way of playing Chan, there are often many errors that players need to pay attention to in order not to lose. There are two biggest types of errors: penalty errors and penalty errors. Specifically, the following errors include:

  • There is the error of eating and hanging pictures – which means you can eat the wall but you eat it wrongly.
  • Our mistake was correct but we won it – we couldn’t get 4 cards down.
  • When fighting, we previously did not eat.
  • When you go out to eat another bet while you’ve already bet on one.
  • We play and continue to bet on the same number while we have already won the previous number.


Above are our shares on how to play Chan to win prizes. Hopefully through this article you will understand more about blocking and how to play this type of card. With the above sharing, you now understand about the card game and how to play it, thereby helping you better understand the card game and how to play it to win most easily.

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