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Sungrow Illuminates 750kW Rooftop PV Plant in Bergamo, Italy, Amplifying Energy Production by 20%

Bergamo, Italy, has taken a remarkable step towards bolstering sustainable energy generation with the completion of a 750kW rooftop photovoltaic (PV) plant. Sungrow, a trailblazer in commercial solar solutions, provided its cutting-edge solar inverter system solution for this project, exemplifying the transformative power of commercial solar systems.

Harnessing Solar Potential for Greater Energy Output

The 750kW rooftop PV plant in Bergamo exemplifies the impact of solar energy on commercial energy generation. By deploying Sungrow’s innovative solution, the project’s energy production has surged by an impressive 20%. This substantial increase in energy output not only contributes significantly to the local energy grid but also strengthens the city’s commitment to sustainable energy practices.

Advancing Energy Efficiency Through Commercial Solar Systems

With a capacity of 750kW, this PV plant showcases the potential of commercial solar systems to enhance energy efficiency on a notable scale. The integration of Sungrow’s solution offers a reliable and efficient means of generating clean energy, underscoring the pivotal role that such systems play in reducing carbon emissions and advancing renewable energy goals.

A Greener Future, Powered by Innovation

The completion of the 750kW rooftop PV plant in Bergamo, Italy, in 2021 stands as a testament to Sungrow’s dedication to driving sustainable energy solutions. By providing the solution, Sungrow empowers communities and businesses to harness solar potential and contribute to a greener future. The increased energy output and positive environmental impact of this project further reinforce the transformative potential of commercial solar systems.


Sungrow’s instrumental role in the realization of the 750kW rooftop PV plant in Bergamo, Italy, underscores the company’s commitment to revolutionizing energy generation. Through the adoption of Sungrow’s solution, this project has not only boosted energy output but has also propelled Bergamo towards its sustainability goals. As Sungrow continues to pioneer innovative commercial solar solutions, the world moves closer to a future powered by clean, renewable energy sources.

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