How to predict Over/Under is given the most detailed instructions at  New88

How to predict over/under and how to easily win is a problem that people often wonder about until now. Therefore New88today has updated the necessary information and brought it to you in this article, you guys need to take a look. To understand more about predicting over and under and how to predict to bring more wins.

Review on how to predict fortune

How to predict fortune can be understood as a prediction of the results of the Sic Bo game based on data. We need to analyze this data to find patterns or directions of appearance of the dice. This can help players give more accurate directions and bring in more bonuses.

To be able to understand the ways to predict Over/Under with high efficiency, you need to master how to play Over/Under, how to play Over/Under, then we can come up with ways to predict Over/Under. fainting most accurately.

Sicbo, also known as sicbo, is a game that uses dice to determine victory. The task is to bet on the total result of those three dice.

For the over bet, the score will be from 11 to 17 points, for the under bet, the score will be from 4 to 10 points. Besides, you can also bet on a specific number or you can bet on two numbers that appear at the same time, called a pair bet. In addition, players can also place three numbers to appear at the same time, which is called placing three numbers.

How to predict fortunes effectively and what to do

Next, we will show you how to predict simple numbers for over/under so that you can easily grasp and better understand the methods of predicting numbers in betting.

Master how to play Tai Xiu

As we said, if you want to predict Sic Bo and bring high efficiency, you first need to clearly understand how to play Sic Bo and the rules of Sic Bo. Therefore, predicting over/under and knowing how to predict over/under is always easy and within reach, bringing more chances of winning.

Use tools or software to support scanning

Use tools or software to predict fortune. Considered to be one of the highly effective ways to predict Sic Bo, many predecessors and experts apply these tools to help players analyze data more accurately. . Find out the directions and rules of the Sic Bo game.

Find reasonable tactics

Players coming up with reasonable strategies and having plans in hand is also one of the highly effective ways to predict over/under. When participating in the lottery prediction, members can learn the strategies of long-time experts to bring about high efficiency.

However, no strategy can win 100%, you need to choose and change to suit yourself better and suit the betting situations. That’s why players need to have a lot of strategies in hand to choose their own strategy to increase the Win rate higher.

Ways to predict over/under to bring big wins

Below, we will describe the effective prediction methods that we have updated and compiled to bring to members when betting.

1 – 1 island bridge – How to predict over/under

Players can use the island to change the results of previous games. Because island bridge is considered one of the ways to predict over/under that is effective and increases the winnings of higher users.

However, you need to remember that you should not use the island bridge in the first or last matches, but should only use the island bridge 1 – 1 in the middle matches.

If you are confident in using the island bridge in predicting over/under to bring home victory, you can also use this type of 1-1 island bridge in the final matches to increase the bet.

Bridge 1 – 2 – 3 – How to predict over/under

If you already know about the island bridge 1 – 1, next we will guide you on how to predict over/under based on the bridge 1 – 2 – 3 which will be different for the island bridge. This is a method that will be strong in the beginning and then gradually weaken in the later sales.

This means it will be over in the first two games and under in the next two games. Therefore, players should choose matches with many consecutive games to be able to use this type of over/under bridge.
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How to predict over/under according to 3 – 2 – 1

3 – 2 – 1 Over/Under prediction will often take place in matches with three consecutive matches and members will often use daily prediction to beat other players. In addition, there will be two practice matches and one real match, so you can also apply this prediction method in the first two matches to practice the method to increase your chances of winning.

What benefits will fortune telling bring?

Next we will talk about the benefits of predicting over/under and applying methods for predicting over/under in betting.

  • Mastering the ways of predicting over/under and understanding how to predict over/under will help players win more.
  • Bring more wins when participating in Over/Under betting and improve officially.
  • Make smarter judgments and reduce unwanted risks.


We have provided all the necessary information about predicting Over/Under and ways to predict Over/Under in this article, and we also provide extremely detailed instructions on how to predict Over/Under. So you need to see it all and come up with many directions to bring in more money.

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