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ZTT’s 48V 50Ah Lithium-Ion Battery: A New Era in Energy Storage

The energy storage landscape is evolving, and ZTT is at the forefront with its revolutionary 48V 50Ah lithium-ion battery technology. Utilizing advanced LiFePO4 (LFP) technology, ZTT’s lithium-ion batteries have redefined longevity, safety, and reliability across various applications.

Powering Telecom Innovations

ZTT’s LiFePO4 batteries are driving innovation in the telecom industry. As a superior alternative to traditional VRLA and LA batteries, these lithium-ion powerhouses offer a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-install solution. Their modular design and 19″ rack compatibility reduce volume and weight, while certifications like UL, IEC, EMC, and UN38.3 guarantee reliability.

Grid Stability and Beyond

ZTT’s LiFePO4 batteries extend their influence to grid stabilization and industrial applications. With energy capacities ranging from 100kWh to 1MWh and flexible designs for indoor or containerized use, these batteries are vital in maintaining grid reliability. They serve as essential components for micro-grid sub-grids, providing backup power and balancing peak and valley fluctuations to enhance overall power grid efficiency.

Empowering Sustainable Living

In residential applications, ZTT’s LiFePO4 batteries make sustainable living more accessible. Offering a range of product types from 2.5kWh to 15kWh, these batteries are tailored for indoor use and come in integrated or split-type configurations. They excel at capturing and storing solar power efficiently, boasting a longer service life compared to traditional systems. Their modular and mobile design, combined with intuitive interfaces and real-time monitoring through a dedicated app, simplifies home energy management.

Electrifying Transportation with ZTT

ZTT’s commitment to innovation extends to electric vehicles (EVs). Their LiFePO4 batteries are poised to transform the EV industry. With 48V 50Ah lithium-ion battery technology, ZTT empowers the creation of more efficient and environmentally friendly electric vehicles. These batteries offer high energy density, enabling longer journeys on a single charge.


As the energy storage and telecommunications sectors undergo profound changes, ZTT’s 48V 50Ah lithium-ion battery technology emerges as a game-changer. From telecom advancements to grid stability, sustainable living, and electric transportation, ZTT’s LiFePO4 batteries are reshaping industries with their versatility and reliability.

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